Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Me and My Corporation: A Tale of Interest and Impact

Me and My Corporation: A Tale of Interest and Impact: You may have noticed the facelift Coke underwent this holiday season. For the first time ever, Coca-Cola changed the colour of its cans, from red to white. The exceptional transformation stems from a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund — a relationship dating back to 2007 focused on supporting conservation efforts — and a holiday campaign called Arctic Home.

Designed to protect the polar bears in the Arctic (hence the white hue), the multifaceted campaign has Coca-Cola matching individual donations up to $1 million until March 2012. Considering the iconic role of the polar bear in Coca-Cola marketing over the past 100 years, the partnership seems a logical step for Coke. "It was long overdue in my opinion," echoes Pete Ewins, WWF-Canada's resident polar bear expert.

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