Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hospital May Refuse McDonald’s "WeightWash" Donation | Care2 Causes

Hospital May Refuse McDonald’s "WeightWash" Donation | Care2 Causes: t appears to be a first in Australia. In a move that may earn them worried admiration in the Australian health and corporate communities, a small-city hospital near Sydney, New South Wales, is considering turning down a $66,000 donation from two of the community’s good citizens. Shellharbour Hospital would make good use of the money being offered to fund new equipment for its emergency department. The hospital has gratefully received similar contributions from Glenn and Katia Dwarte before.

The problem is the hospital is having second thoughts about the source of the money. The Dwartes run the nearby Warilla McDonald’s, and Shellharbour Hospital officials are concerned that accepting the money sends the wrong message about fast food.

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