Monday, November 21, 2011

Charity Intelligence: Transparent on Transparency?

Charity Intelligence: Transparent on Transparency?: In an economic climate that's already impacting the flow of donor dollars to the nonprofit sector, Canadian charities, foundations and nonprofits are crying foul over the recent launch and national media coverage of a charity appraisal search engine by a self-appointed watchdog organization that casts a shadow over them all.

The group, Charity Intelligence Canada (Ci), itself a charity, released news of its online engine on November 15 in a press release — followed by stories in both The National Post and The Toronto Star — that caught the attention of the sector, not necessarily for its usefulness, but for what many sector experts are calling a na�ve analysis of data and lack of knowledge of CRA guidelines and how nonprofits in Canada actually work.

CharityVillage� has twice reported on Ci over the past two years here and here. Readers interested in the organization should read these articles for more information.

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