Friday, August 12, 2011

Mona Mowafi: 'Our Egypt' for a New Era

Mona Mowafi: 'Our Egypt' for a New Era: "The emerging psychology of 'Our Egypt' is transcending the political sphere and is prompting innovation in economic and social development as well. One sign of progress is a growing willingness to invest in sustainable development rather than relying on pure charity. Marwa El-Daly, an emerging leader in social enterprise and development in Egypt, conducted a comprehensive study of Egyptian philanthropy in 2005 and found that $1 billion was given annually by Egyptians to Egyptians, but 90% of this money was given as direct charity rather than on projects that focus on permanently uplifting people out of poverty. This, she notes, was partly a consequence of rampant corruption and lack of confidence in institutions. Egyptians came to understand that if they did not oversee giving with their own eyes -- providing money, food or clothing to a poor person they knew personally, for example -- then the likelihood of their money being stolen or misdirected by corrupt practices was almost guaranteed."

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