Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charity Commission enters a new phase | Society | The Guardian

Charity Commission enters a new phase | Society | The Guardian: "Chancellor George Osborne announced last week that the commission's resource funding would fall by �8m over the next four financial years from �29.3m to �21.3m, a real-terms cut of 33% after inflation assumptions. With 65% of the commission's costs being staff, the axe looks likely to fall on about 140 jobs – and on some of the key functions those personnel carry out.

As the commission's chair, Dame Suzi Leather, said in the immediate aftermath of the announcement: 'Clearly a very different approach is now needed – business as usual is simply not an option. We will need to make significant changes to the way in which we engage with charities and the public, the services we offer and the scope and shape of our regulatory activity.'"

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