Thursday, April 21, 2016

Foreign automakers stingy in charity, generous in dividends

Foreign automakers stingy in charity, generous in dividends: "mong the foreign automakers, Mercedes-Benz Korea paid dividends of 58.5 billion won, Audi Volkswagen Korea disbursed 16 billion won, Porsche Korea recorded 6 billion won and Volvo Korea logged 3 billion won.

As for donations, Mercedes-Benz Korea spent around 2 billion won, BMW Korea paid 1.8 billion won, Hanbul Motors Corp donated 210 million won and Porsche Korea gave 150 million won.

Mercedes-Benz Korea’s donation amount is quite small compared to the dividends it paid to its two major shareholders Daimler AG and Hong Kong-based paper company Star Auto Holdings.

The company’s spokesperson told The Korea Herald it plans to expand local charity donations this year.

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