Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hopes for the Dot-NGO Designation - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly

Hopes for the Dot-NGO Designation - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly: Public Interest Registry, the American domain regulator responsible for the top-level .org domain suffix, is offering Australian nonprofits the chance to switch to an .ngo or .ong domain in October. (The latter is for use in regions where Romance languages are prevalent.) Currently, many Australian nonprofits use the suffix .org.au, which is administered by the same regulator.

In addition to the distinctive .ngo, users will be listed in Public Interest Registry’s global NGO directory, and have access to a robust community portal. Via the portal, charities can customize profile pages, showcase their activities, and collect donations. Public Interest Registry is saying this will revolutionize the way that NGOs around the world connect with each other, with new partners, and potentially with donors as well. Although the portal will not take commission on donations, at this point it will be the e-commerce vehicle for donors

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