Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charity Village® NewsWeek: Fundraising Q & A

Charity Village® NewsWeek: Fundraising Q & A: "The question:
I’m the sole fundraiser in a mid-sized organization. I’ve read the CRA Fundraising Guidance, their supporting document, Mark Blumberg’s materials, and attended the AFP webinar with Terry Carter and I’m still confused...can you help?
Cynthia's Response:

First and foremost, you are doing the right thing by delving into this topic, reading all that’s available and being proactive with your charity! The best way I can help (in 1,500 words or less) is to compel your ED/CEO and board to read these documents carefully so you are not “flying solo.” The CRA’s Fundraising Guidance needs to be the dog-eared, bestseller that everyone is talking about...because in order to fundraise effectively, the leadership team must make some informed decisions."

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